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  • Exhibition at the Molesworth Gallery, Dublin open now until end of July 2021


    This show opened 8 July and presents a new selection of flower photographs. Most will be shown for the first time in Dublin and several have never been shown at all before.

    Check the Molesworth Gallery website for details.

  • Re-scheduled: “I, dialogue, Kinch”, Belmacz, London, June 2021

  • Joly Publication from Solstice 2021

    An online publication has been produced with Oonagh Young at Design HQ which will be available shortly from the Solstice Arts Centre website.

  • Zoom Webinar at CCI Paris with Ruth Carroll 4 Feb 2021

    On Thursday 4 February 2021 Ruth Carroll, curator from the RHA, Dublin will be in discussion with me at the Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris via Zoom at 8pm Paris/ 7pm Ireland – reserve a place here to get the link

  • Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin 2021

    The film “Folly & Diction” has been shortlisted for Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin which will be held in Paris from 23-28 February, 2021, at Louvre auditorium.

  • Cancelled: Overblown, curated by Brenda McParland, Solstice, Navan, April 4-12 June, 2020 – new date TBA

  • Postponed: Company of Others, part II , CCA, Derry/Londonderry, gift box launch TBA March 2021

  • Re-scheduled: Heavy Metal Parking Lot, curated by Pádraic E. Moore, Garage Rotterdam, opening 11 September 2020

  • Re-scheduled: echos are always more muted, Void, Derry/Londonderry, September 2020

  • Folly & Diction, Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, 13 Feb-27 March, 2020

    This exhibition brings together a selection of Alan Phelan’s unique Joly Screen Process photographs and a new large scale music video work about the inventor of this forgotten colour photography process which was abandoned from use over 100 years ago.

    Over the past three years Phelan has worked on reviving the process, invented in the 1890s in Dublin by John Joly, a physicist and geology professor from Trinity College, Dublin.

    Phelan’s ambition is to create a visual history for the process that it never had. To do this he uses art and historical references spanning over 500 years. The work presents a “counterfactual temporality”, to create a longer potential history for photography. read more

  • Small Night Zine ARRANGEMENTS Pallas Projects, Dublin, 21-29 Nov, 2019

    35 Artists At Large experienced through screen-printed posters & letters (“Orphans”) & 6 collaborative zines.

    Bassam Al-Sabah, Ella Bertilsson & Ulla Juske, Susan Buttner, Dorje De Burgh, Stephen Dunne, *Lily Cahill & David Fagan, Child Naming Ceremony, *Jessica Conway & Catherine Barragry, *Laura Fitzgerald & Katharine Barrington, Damien Flood, Michelle Hall, Austin Hearne, Ann Maria Healy, Sinead Keogh, Mollie Anna King, *Silvia Maglioni & Graeme Thompson aka Terminal Beach (invited by Katherine Waugh), Jonathan Mayhew, Angela McDonagh, Glenn McQuaid, Celina Muldoon, Frances O’Dwyer, *Alan Phelan & Philipp Gufler, Liliane Puthod, Chris Steenson, Frank Wasser, *Lee Welch & Paul Hallahan, read more

  • The Dublin Art Book Fair TBG+S, Dublin, 21 Nov-1 Dec, 2019

    Temple Bar Gallery + Studios presents Dublin Art Book Fair 2019 (DABF), the only art book fair in Ireland, now taking place over ten days from 21st November to 1st December 2019. DABF is sponsored by Henry J Lyons and supported by Dublin UNESCO City of Literature.

    The ninth edition of Dublin Art Book Fair platforms creative and cutting-edge publishers, big and small, Irish and international, and is a centre for the contemporary artist book. Browse a vibrant mix of books on art, architecture, visual culture and select fiction, enjoy a coffee and engage in a free programme of talks, tours, workshops and discussions in a relaxed and stimulating environment. read more

  • Red Lines, The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon, 16 November 2019 – 4 January, 2020

    16 November – 04 January

    Alan Phelan has been working for the past three years on reviving the Joly Screen process, a forgotten colour photography process invented in the 1890s in Dublin by John Joly, a physics professor from Trinity College.

    This exhibition marks the first major exhibition of this new body of work. The photographs are small 4×5 sheet film sized images as they comprise of the sheet film from a large format camera and a colour screen. The Joly process is not a chemical process but instead filters light on exposure and display to create colour. The screen is made up of red, green and blue stripes which Phelan then engages as installation devices on walls and windows to reference the process and a wider art history of installation. The small images have the intensity of painted miniatures, illuminated by LED panels, slowing down the viewing of a photograph as well as allowing for a unique colour shift that happens on display. read more

  • Halftone The Library Project, Dublin, until 1 December, 2019

    Aila Harryson Lorigan, Alan Phelan, Alisha Doody, Andy Osborn, Anita McCarthy, Aoife Herrity, Audrey Hendy, Barbara Kenneally, Becks Butler, Billy Kenrick, Brian Giles, Brian McIlvenny, Brian Teeling, Bronagh Lee, Bronwyn Andrews, Bryan Hogan, CANVAZ, Caoimhe Dalton, Ciaran Meister, Claire McCluskey, Claire Prouvost, Clare Lynch, Clare Lyons, Clodagh O’Leary, Colin Jones, Conor McMahon, Conor Nolan, Crona Gallagher, David Begley, David J Moore, David McGinn, Dermot Ryan, Dorje de Burgh, Dorota Borowa, Eimearjean McCormack, Eimhinn Farrell, Elise Fisher, Elizabeth O’Shaughnessy, Ellie Berry, Els Borghart, Emma O’Hara, Freja Blomstrand, Gabrielle Bowe, Gary Byrne, George Voronov, Gintaras Varnagys, Giorgia Graf, Giulia Berto, Grainne Murphy, Helena Gouveia Monteiro, Holly Anna Furey, Hugh Quigley, Iryna Baklan, Izzy Rose Grange, Jane Cummins, Jason Minsky, Jill Quigley, Jo Kimmins, Joanne Betty Conlon, Joe Marner, John Busher, Juliana Falanghe, Juliette Liautaud, Kelsey Lennon, Kimberly Goes, Kurb Junki, Laura McMorrow, Lorcan Cassidy, Luke Reidy, Madison Donohue, Margaret McLoughlin, Margo McNulty, Marian Balfe, Martina Cleary, Mary Keane, Mary O’Connor, Maureen Burke, Meabh Joyce, Megan Doherty, Monolith, Muntsa Molina, Myles Shelly, Neil Dunne, Neil J. Smyth, Niamh Coffey, Niamh Gillespie, Norah Brennan, Pauline Rowan, Peter Bjoerk, Rafal Krol, Ramona Farrelly, Rebecca Phelan, RGKSKSRG, Ria Czerniak, Róisín McGannon, Róisín White, Ruth Connolly, Ruth McLoughlin, Sarah Bracken Soper, Sarah Usher, Sean O’Donnell, Simon Bates, Stasele Jakunskaite, Ste Murray, Stephane Bruchet, Steven Nestor, Vaida Varnagiene, Vesna Gasparic, Wally Cassidy, and Yuri Kawakami. read more

  • Company of Others, CCA, Derry/Londonderry, 28 Sept, 2019

    CCA is pleased to present the first iteration of The Company of Others, an open research project undertaken with artists David Beattie and Alan Phelan and the Centre for Experimental Archaeology and Material Culture (CEAMC) in University College Dublin (UCD).

    The Company of Others is a project that concerns relationships between colonialism, capitalism, and material culture. It takes its starting point from Derry’s history – of the plantation of the city and surrounding area by the commercial guilds of London – but from there speaks outwardly to other contexts and time-frames. The project is especially interested in the material practices of the livery companies that formed the foundations of British colonialism in Derry. read more

  • “BF Artist Film Festival IX”, GRAFT, The Gregson Centre, London, July 2019

    The ninth BF Artist Film Festival is premiering at The Gregson Cinema in collaboration with GRAFT Lancaster!

    We will be screening:

    A to B by Jack Lewdjaw
    The Common Instrument II – IV by Thomas Goddard
    Dialogue with the Previous by Veronika Čechmánková
    Cheeseballs in the Era of…by Lindsay Garcia
    Still Lives by Elli Vuorinen
    makin glove by Lil Smith
    a warm glass of milk by Heidi Elyce Cooper
    Octopuses are actually space aliens whose frozen eggs first came to Earth aboard an icy meteor by Jo Pester
    Benjamin’s Orchid by Wilf Speller read more

  • when the idea is extinguished, atrium commission at TBG+S, Dublin, July-September, 2019

    19 July — 07 September 2019

    Alan Phelan has been working for the past three years on reviving the Joly Screen process, a forgotten colour photography process invented in the 1890s in Dublin. The Joly Screen image on show is from this new body of work which Phelan has recently begun to exhibit. The photograph comprises two parts – black and white sheet film and a colour screen made from red, green and blue (RGB) stripes. This is not a chemical process but instead filters light on exposure and display to create colour. Phelan’s practice is often site responsive and, for this installation in Temple Bar Gallery + Studios’ Atrium, the windows are striped in RGB to turn the space into a proxy camera body as well as creating a darkened space to view the internal window as a light box. The wall text is a lyric from an upcoming film project by Phelan, which has roots in the poetry of Jean Genet and texts by Samuel Beckett, connecting this installation to a larger body of work. read more

  • “The Parted Veil: Commemoration in Photographic Practices”, curated by Chris Clarke, Lewis Glucksman Gallery, UCC, Cork, until 30 June, 2019

    Dervla Baker, Lian Bell, Lisa Butterly & Lisa McCormack, David Creedon, Adrian Duncan, Cáit Fahey, John Halpin, Roseanne Lynch, Tom Molloy, Vukasin Nedeljkovic / Asylum Archive, Ailbhe Ní Bhriain, Miriam O’Connor, James Parkin, Alan Phelan, Amelia Stein, Mhairi Sutherland

    13 April – 30 June 2019

    Curated by Chris Clarke and Fiona Kearney, The Parted Veil: Commemoration in photographic practices is an exhibition of sixteen Irish artists who have used the photographic image to consider ideas of remembrance and celebration, and especially to reflect how intimate experiences express the wider events shaping our contemporary world. read more

  • “The last great album of the decade”, curated by PE Moore and Sheena Barrett, The Lab, Dublin, 2019

    Anne Maree Barry, Declan Clarke, Alan Phelan, Clíodhna Timoney, The Brian McMahon Archive (Brand New Retro)

    March 22 – May 12 2019

    The LAB Gallery is pleased to present the Last Great Album of the Decade in association with Musictown.

    The exhibition is co-curated by Pádraic E Moore and Sheena Barrett and features new work by Anne Maree Barry, Declan Clarke, Alan Phelan and Cliodhna Timoney. The title is both suitably brash, claiming greatness, and mournful, in suggesting that it can’t be surpassed.

    This exhibition seeks to celebrate the musical relic and souvenirs of the subculture, taking in gigs in the 90s, a selection of zines from Brand New Retro, the Dublin rave scene in the early 2000s, the demise of rural nightclubs and journeys from early photographic experiments through to the potential backdrop for a new music video.
    Stepping into the Music Library at the Central Library in the Ilac Centre visitors can skip through genres via the biographies of musicians, sheet music, vinyl and cds and we’ve also planted copies of Eoin Devereux’s hidden track, along with Audrey Walshe’s botanical response to the show.
    In partnership with Musictown, we are also running two very special events, a screen-writing workshop for teenagers with Anne  Maree Barry in the Music Library and an historial music tour of the city with Donal Fallon. Bookings through Eventbrite. read more

  • Dublin Art Book Fair, TBG+S, Dublin, 2018

    Dublin Art Book Fair, Ireland’s only art book fair, takes place at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios (TBG+S) from 22nd to 29th November 2018.

    An established feature of the annual gallery programme at TBG+S, the 8th edition of the Fair is sponsored by Henry J Lyons, supported by Dublin City of Literature. Dublin Art Book Fair 2018 is guest curated by architectural and cultural historian, Dr. Ellen Rowley.

    The theme Art and Architecture, this year, sees a special focus on Uncovering Libraries and Collections, highlighting the importance of libraries in our lives. Showcasing over fifty leading Irish and international publishers and small independent publishers, the Fair will include books and publications on art, architecture, design, visual culture and related fields as well as limited edition and rare artist and architects’ books. read more

  • “Library Words”, Kevin Street Library, sculpture commission for Dublin City Council, 2018

    Dublin City Council Public Art Programme is pleased to announce that Alan Phelan has been selected as the artist to carry out the Kevin’s Street Public Library Public Art Commission.

    Following consultation with Dublin City Council Libraries Service and the architect leading the renovation of the library, it was decided that a permanent visual artwork be commissioned to be displayed within the Kevin Street library’s interior.  The artist was selected through limited competition with nominations for a long-list from two external visual arts curators and the Arts Office.   Alan Phelan’s proposal was selected by the final selection panel which included representatives of the Libraries and Archive Services, City Architects, Arts Office, Public Art Manager and an external art expert.  His proposal was selected for the excellence of the artwork, its direct connection to the library and an interest in working with library staff in the final development of the artwork. read more

  • “Trophy Hunters”, curated by Sheena Malone, Dada Post, Berlin, 2018

    Curated by Sheena Malone:

    Artists: Zara Alexandrova, Ro Caminal, Laura Carvalho, Declan Clarke, Zoran Georgiev, Eddie Kenrick, Stephan Maier, Michael Merkel, Alan Phelan, Kathy Tynan, Sadie Weis

    ERÖFFNUNG: 7:00pm, June 16th, 2018. Exhibition continues until: July 6th, 2018

    Trophy Hunters takes on the theme of sports in conjunction with the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

    Dada post is located in the Berlin-Reinickendorf district, in the former König Smoked Fish Factory complex. The one hundred year-old business was transformed into exhibition, performance, and studio spaces for artists. The gallery itself comprises two major spaces. The adjacent out- and indoor sites have also been designated for exhibition purposes, including Gallery Space 3, also known as The cooler. It also inlcudes various storage and exhibition bays, a resident artist apartment and studio, a small bar and beer garden, 3 artist studios, and a house, all disposed around a triangular courtyard with a 1936 bunker at it’s center.
    The renovation and redesign of the complex took both its history and the demands of contemporary art into consideration. The facility is easily recognizable by its large smokestacks, which recall the slants of the gallery logo, and have been retained as a reference to the original commercial use of the site. read more

  • Dublin Art Book Fair, TBG+S, Dublin, 2017

    With its themes of art and architecture, this year’s Henry J Lyons-sponsored Dublin Art Book Fair will take place at Dublin’s Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, with other events at the Irish Architecture Foundation, Tenement Museum and the National Gallery of Ireland, across November 23-26.

    Bridging the distinct realms of art and architecture in order to engage diverse audiences, a curated programme of talks, tours, workshops, an artist commission and a film screening will traverse contemporary art, architecture, books, design, film, the city and its material histories. read more

  • 187th Annual, RHA, Dublin, May-August, 2017

    The RHA Annual Exhibition, now in its 187th year, is the most ambitious event in the Academy’s calendar. Ireland’s largest open submission exhibition includes painting, sculpture, print, photography, drawing and architectural models and it brings together the works of RHA Members, invited artists and artists selected from open submission.

    This year, the open submissions have provided over half of the exhibition and were rigorously selected by a panel of Academy Members, over a period of 5 days, from a vast number of applicants, which involved over 2,400 artworks. read more

  • Loop: City Screen with Damer House Gallery, Barcelona, May, 2017 – Include Me Out of the partisans manifesto

    The desire to look back in time always seems to be associated with a certain nostalgia; a feeling of slight pleasure that stems from the recollection of memories. However, from a historical perspective, the act of calling up a bygone past discloses a precise intention that reaches beyond the simple feeling of longing: that of tracing a temporal development that is at once ontological, political and cultural.
    Yet, in a fast-forward society that tends to evolve according to a frenetic pattern, looking back results in an essential “shrinking of time” – in the words of German sociologist Hartmut Rosa –, that in fact opposes the linear consequentiality of past, present and future tenses . As a result of this constant rush towards “the new” (exemplified by hectic technological progress and the annihilation of cultural knowledge), attempts to look back in time are immediately dismissed as obstacles. While individuals grow accustomed to desiring newer and more disposable futures, they grow oblivious to the past. read more

  • Madder Lake, launched at TBG+S, April, 2017

    This is a Demonstration
    from the book Madder Lake, edited by James Merrigan, 2017

    see also https://www.iamnotapainter.com/madderlakeeditions1/ for my review of the Venice Biennale 2017

    Michael Kunt became Temple White (1). The name changed one day and I never knew why. Maybe the notion of the temple was more desirable than the michael. I discovered Kunt first, when I was collecting pictures and realised there were a bunch of online image cults out there. Re-blogged from just about everywhere, this was life after appropriation, where images simply circulated. It seemed like a solution. read more

  • Roger Roger, curated by Ben Crothers, Great Hall, Queens University, Belfast, 18 December 2016 – Our Kind

    The Great Hall, 4pm-6pm

    Marking one hundred years since the death of controversial Irish figure Roger Casement, the Naughton Gallery presents Roger, Roger, a discussion and screening event with artists Fionnuala Doran and Alan Phelan.  Within their practices, both artists have been inspired by Casement, a complex man now remembered variously as a patriot, a traitor, and a gay icon.

    Doran’s graphic novel, The Trial of Roger Casement (SelfMadeHero, 2016), explores the startling downfall of Casement in comic book form, from his efforts to secure German backing for an independent Ireland to the circulation of his private journals, laying bare his sexuality. read more

  • Foyle Film Festival, Derry/Londonderry, 20 November, 2016 – Our Kind

    November 16th-20th 2016

    Film premieres, gala screenings, industry-focused events and special cinematic experiences in key venues across Derry.