Three Stories, 2000

The focal point for “Three Stories” was local history, viewed as a form of cultural geography which was used to negotiate and explore notions of social history and create new social spaces.

Narratives from local history were re-interpreted and re-enacted in a contemporary context, as short dramas and gestures. The films were developed over a ten week workshop with participants from the county district in South Dublin. The intent was to blur the distinction between reality and fiction by shooting the films in a documentary style, in the tradition of the television docu-soap and video diary.

This project is a public art commission funded by South Dublin County Council, as part of the ‘in context’ per cent for art programme co-ordinated by Artworking.

A dedicated website documented workshops and progress of the project which can be accessed at:

Videos from the project were shown in other exhibitions including “Intermedia”, Triskel, Anglesey Street Garda Station, Cork, 2001 and “Let’s Get Ready”, Pixxelpoint, Novo Gorica, Slovenia, 2011.