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The project began with a series of workshops from which three short films were made (currently in post-production). In September, 2000 a general call for participants was made locally in the south east part of the county council district through posters and leaflets distributed in shops, supermarkets, community centres and libraries. Seventeen people attended the first session and age groups range from 16-49 years. Working with an actor - Jennifer O’Dea - the ten week workshop, which began in late September 2000, taught participants how to be comfortable performing around each other and develop scenarios through improvisation exercises.

Production planning, scheduling, locations, props/costume gathering, final casting and rehearsals took place during the later weeks of the workshop. Post-production and editing is currently underway with a preliminary screening of the off-line edit scheduled for late January, 2001.

The workshop took place in Ballyroan library, Rathfarnham. We are grateful to the library staff for their assistance during the workshop and shoot.

To review the progress of the workshop content, discussion and scenario development click on the week numbers to the left.

For stills from the video shoot click here or go to Week 9-10 from the graphic on the left.


workshop participants


Grainne Ahern
Naomi Cahill
Josephine Cunniffe
Martin Cunniffe
Tom Cunniffe
Ken Heslip
Mary Downey
Emily Foynes
Emma Granger
Audry Harte
Melissa Jameson
Fergus Keane
Dervila McGarry
Dianne O’Connor
Mary O’Shaughnessy
Annie Sparrow
Susan Stafford

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