Lip Sync with Joe and Mel, 2002

blackboard paint, chalk, LCD projector, DVD video player, amp, 2 speakers
drawing size: 175 x 60 cm
projection size: 40 x 60 cm
duration: 11 minutes


“Lip Sync with Joe and Mel” used the questions of a radio presenter, repeated by a French man on a bus similar to a Linguaphone tape. Projected onto a chalked dripping screen, the work references the Mel Bochner work, “Language is Not Transparent”, to investigate the role of language in remembering and imitating but also assigning relevance to seemingly chance dialogue.


The work was made for the exhibition “Fabulations of Form”, curated by Sarah Pierce, Arthouse, Dublin, 2002 and shown again at “Oh show me your beauty when the witnesses have gone”, curated by Noel Kelly, ŠKUC, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2007.