“50”, 2013

Mixed media
Dimensions variable

‘Multiples’ was a series of six curated cabinet exhibitions that took place in TBG+S between 1998 and 2001 (with tours to other venues until 2004). Reasoning at the time sought to balance the presentation of accessibly priced objects that would make contemporary work affordable to a wide range of audience, whilst at the same time raising much needed funds for TBG+S. The various editions of the cabinets were curated by eight curators and showcased work by a range of over 150 artists. These were both well known and relatively obscure; some of whom would become household names, and others who changed from art making into other careers. This is the starting point for Alan Phelan as he recreates a synthesis of this cabinet of contemporary curiosities, revising 50 of the Multiples (with some originals included). It is normal for Phelan to take a wry jab at the original context and content of works, and with this piece the archive is negotiated through the Phelan’s own practice, functioning as part tribute and part critique.

as part of:
“False Memory Syndrome”
Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin
5-26 Sept, 2013
Curated by Rayne Booth