Larry Larry, 2022

Various versions of a work from print to public made during 2022, starting with a page in TONE and then screen printed in colour, then as a small print for the Broduil fundraiser, then a wall poster on a graphic design agency wall, then a flash poster in a park for a property development company. Various versions available for anyone who wants one. Size, colour, context variable.

And who is Larry?

They are a bunch of different people, starting with a Lawerence and then a Johnson, two artists I much admire, the root of art as text and photography as text. The arrangement is signage, taken from road signs, using basic warp push and pull image editing to squeeze words in badly into shapes that are no longer there.

But who is Larry?

He is slight (with a bit of a spare tyre), short-sighted (wears glasses), bearded (maybe), dead (not always), embedded (insider posing as outsider), reclusive (but loves a tipple with friends), metro (yet toying with the rural), married (with no kids), not me (but who cares?).

More importantly Larry made something special once. And then repeated that in different permutations. One Larry is better than another Larry, they do different things. They broke rules nobody knew needed breaking. Forced a complacent retinal experience back inside the head. Made you look twice. Made you wonder what you were looking at, why you were looking, how you were looking.

Larry or Larry never did stripes (perhaps).