Can Rocks Save the Planet? 2022

10 July, 2022
Banagher Marina, Co Offaly

As part of the Eco Showboat 2022 Shannon Expedition on an Eco Sunday.

A one day intervention in the Marina in signature red, green and blue fabric, a public talk about geology and climate change, all within the Eco Sunday activities of the Eco Showboat with Anne Cleary and Denis Connelly. Red, green and blue paper flyers were posted around the town the week prior with questions around climate change and a QR code to the event information. The RGB colours relate to the Joly screen colour photography process which was invented by Offaly native John Joly in the 1890s – one of the first colour photography processes. The talk was given in the Pangolin Pavilion (umbrella dome) about Joly’s contribution to science with Dr Patrick Wyse Jackson from the TCD Department of Geology where Joly also worked. This was a broad ranging discussion on geological discoveries and histories that relate to climate change and art. Specifically how Joly’s scientific research contributed to contemporary knowledge in the field from the minerals used in solar cells, lithium found in granite, carbon sinks, and the understanding of geological time.

For more information on activities during the day please see:

The fabric intervention was to cover three public sculptures at the Marina dock. The purpose was to signal the events of the day with the dramatic colours which popped against the grey stone walls and pavement. The covered sculptures were a signal of protest, repair and newness. Something to be uncovered or revealed not a negation of the original stone works by Cliodna Cussen. The fabric covers will be used subsequently as covers for inflatable beds used for talks in the pavilion.

The Eco Showboat expedition is a four month arts voyage from Limerick to Enniskillen aboard the Mayfly, flagship of the Eco Showboat project, and the first solar electric boat to make this journey. (Expedition Map here). The project is the brain child of artists Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly, aka School of Looking.

The Eco Showboat project has received the Arts Council Open Call Award, the SFI Discover Award, the Limerick Arts Strategic Award and is supported by Creative Ireland, Waterways Ireland, Dublin City Council, the Local Authority Waters Programme, Offaly County Council Arts Office and local authorities and universities right across the country. (full list of partners here)