SUPERMARKET 2014 – Stockholm Independent Art Fair 14-16 February 2014 with Oonagh Young Gallery and Ormston House.

Oonagh Young Gallery

Dublin, Ireland

1 James Joyce Street
1 Dublin 1

Oonagh Young gallery is contemporary art gallery based in Dublin City Centre since 2008. The gallery exhibits Irish and international artists and is led by Oonagh, a graphic artist specialising in the design and production of artist’s books. Exhibitions have also included many cross-disciplinary practices such as architecture, theatre, poetry readings and performance art.

On Kissing,Tickling and Being Bored (after Adam Phillips) with David Beattie, Alan Phelan, Amy Stephens &  Una Gildea.

‘To be petrified by a ‘pigeon’ (for example) is a way of making it new,’ Phillips says. ‘The phobia is an eroticisation not so much of danger as of significance.’ We are assiduous seekers of significance, vacillating between habit, where meaning is dormant, and the desire for and arousing of meaning. Phillips focused on a variety of subjects rarely investigated by psychoanalysis questioning the drive towards omniscience in life.

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