Blending-In Series, 2006

Three exhibitions where the the ‘blending-in’ twig method was developed – using pine clusters to hide various objects: a high performance exhaust; a Yugo car, a light fixture; and some forgotten busts from a county museum.

Mother’s Ruin – dangerous obsessions and the culture of excess
mother’s tankstation, Dublin
6 April – 13 May 2006

Fino’s RS 2 Exhaust Blended-in as a Branch, 2006
destroy all messages, 2006


Fresh: re-imagining the collection
Pery Square, Limerick
16 June – 27 August 2006
West Cork Arts Centre
North Street, Skibbereen, Co. Cork
18 August – 17 September 2006

Information deficit blended-in as a tree, 2006
Michael should have learned to blend-in better, 2006


Test Pieces and Blend-In Moments
SKC Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
4 -11 April 2006

Various works