Printed Project, Issue 05, 2005

Printed Project, Issue 05
Another Monumental Metaphor
edited by Alan Phelan

Printed Project is a biannual journal published by the Sculptors’ Society of Ireland. A special edition of Printed Project has been commissioned as part of Ireland’s representation at the Venice Biennale. Printed Project is edited/curated on a rotating basis and this special edition Another Monumental Metaphor is edited/curated by Dublin based artist Alan Phelan.

Stemming from the Biennale context, the themes from various world biennials serve as titles for contributions examining a range of recent and upcoming activities, histories, artworks and practices including rural art, relational conflict, false modernism, unsolicited art for public spaces, and nationalist tendencies in architecture and curating. Artist’s contributions occur between the essays with artworks exploring parallel universes, hidden and lost cinema, Republican directives, and behavioural rules for virtual worlds

This edition of Printed Project offers insights into complex levels of engagement, obsession and history in Ireland, augmenting the selected artists representing Ireland at the Venice Biennale.

Texts by: Niamh O’Malley Montréal 04 Agora: The Public Domain, Georgina Jackson Shanghai 04 Techniques of the Visible, Steven Duval and René Zechlin Lyon 05 Art/Time/Context, Anna Colin Perifeic 03 Prophetic Corners, Tim Davies, John Langan, Ann Mulrooney, and Deirdre O’Mahony Cetinje 04 Love it or Leave it, Gavin Delahunty and Nevan Lahart Sydney 03 On Reason and Emotion, Gavin Murphy Perth 04 Same Difference, Tim Stott Balticum 04 Talking to Me?, Ciarán Bennett Tirana 03 U-Topos, Jason E Bowman, Sarah Glennie, Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith, Karen MacKinnon, and Hugh Mulholland Havana 03 One Closer to the Other

Artworks by: Alice Maher Peru 04 Ruins for the Future, Mark O’Kelly Taipei 05 Do You Believe in Reality?, Susan MacWilliam Berlin 04 “hubs” other cinemas, Shane Cullen Prague 03 Peripheries Become the Center, Vanessa O’Reilly Moscow 05 Dialectics of Hope, Niamh McCann Santa Fe 05 Disparities and Deformations: Our Grotesque, Katie Holten Werkleitz 04 Common Property

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