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Roger and Adler, Norway, 2016
Photogravure edition from Our Kind
printed by Michael Woolworth Publications, Paris
image size 30 x 17 cm each, paper 38 x 28.5 cm each
diptych in an edition of 10

Ricudo Playing Cards, 2016
customised bridge card set
edition of 10
If you aren't all mine (reversed), 2015
adhesive vinyl on framed mirror
44 x 34 cm
edition of 5

Cabbages, 2010
paper, toner, archival glue, polystryene
edition of 100

Scent of Orange Rim Cleaner, 2009
eau de cologne
made by Demeter Fragrence Library
edition of 100
Death Drive, 2009
Set of six screen-prints
60 x 60 cm each
printed by Gillespie Screen Print, Dublin
published by Irish Museum of Modern Art
edition of 40
Blend-blend tower, 2006
Blend-blend globe, 2006

framed intaglio print,
framed 60 x 48 cm
edition of 5
Headline Drawing, 2005
glycee print
29 x 21 cm
edition of 20
Critical Success Factors in Achieving Enthalpic Pleasure #5: Transform partnerships into complex alliances based on traps, 2000
two c-type colour photographs
mounted to PVC15 x 15 cm each
edition of 3